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We can also detail your car!

Pro Tint and Detailing in Central Florida is you headquarters for making your ride look great, every area of detailing is our specialty.  As for Professional 3M Window Tint Product instillation, perfection in 3M high quality window tinting products are Pro Tint Orlando specialties!

Does your car look dirty and neglected? Would you like your car to regain that “new car” shine? If so, washing your car in your driveway isn’t going to cut it. You can trust Pro Tint and Detailing to make your car look like you just drove it off the lot. Unlike public car washes that use harsh chemicals, we do not use any solutions that can cause long term damage to your vehicle. We use top-of-the-line products to ensure you receive a quality auto detailing service.

As your source for Orlando car detailing, we can provide a variety of services, including:

  • Hand Waxing

car washing by Pro Tint Detailing of Orlando

  • Clay Bar Treatment

clay bar detailing by Pro Tint Detailing Orlando

  • Interior Cleaning

Aston Martin Detailing by Pro Tint Detailing of Central Flroida

  • Carpet Shampoo and Vacuum

Rolls Royce Detailing by Pro Tint Detailing of Orlando

  • Complete Cigarette Smoke Removal

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Detailing by Pro Tint of Central Florida

  • Wheel Bright

car washing by Pro Tint Detailing of Orlando

  • Leather Cleaning

Buick Detailing from Pro Tint Detailing of Orlando

  • Head Light Restoration

Toyota Detailing At Its Best in Central Florida Pro Tint Detailing

  • Scotch Guard

Commercial and Residential Security Window Film Solutions from 3M and Professional Instillation from Pro Tint Orlando Commercial

  • Rain X

Mercedes Benz Detailing by Pro Tint Detailing of Central Florida



  • Tar and Bug Remover

  • Complete Vehicle Compound Buffing

Range Rover & Land Rover Detailing by pro tint detailing of Orlando

  • Swirl Removal

Aston Martin Detailing by Pro Tint Detailing of Central Flroida


Cleaning a Car Professionally

The best car wash is not an automated car wash, it is one that is going to remove every foreign object from the surface of your car’s paint in the professional detailing processing. All bugs, tar, and dirt should be removed from your vehicle’s paint. This takes far more than soap if you want a perfect glass like shine; it also involves things like clay bar treatments.  This is what happens at a professional detailing shop like Pro Ting Orlando

Your wheels would be cleaned on the inside and out with only materials that will not damage specialized brakes and custom wheels. Windows should be spotless, if you have tint in good condition, it must be cleaned carefully with the right materials or it can easily be damaged.

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Our team of detailing experts can transform your car by cleaning all the nooks and crannies most car washes can’t get to. Call us today at (407) 841-2123 to get a free estimate on our auto detailing services!