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What Damage is Caused by Automated Car Washes? How Can This Damage be Avoided?

Many think using the automated car wash is keeping their car clean and shiny, without consequences, but you never knew the levels of damage done to your modern show room new car.

History of Automated Car Washes

The automated brush car wash is the number one worst place to take your modern vehicle, period. That “automation” was designed when cars were still painted with two coats of enamel paint and sent out the door.

It’s the worst thing you can do to a new car.

Today’s cars are protected with factory clear coat, a protective layer that makes paint appear extra shiny and allows it to last many longer than in years gone by if kept in good repair.

The damage done by the automated car wash and its 200 pound spinning brushes is causing damage permanently to your car, SUV or van from the very first visit to an automated brush car wash.

Automated Car Wash Effects on Your New Car

All it takes is ONE improper automated big brush car wash to ruin the appearance of your vehicle forever – unless a professional detailer fixes the problem.

Car wash operators know that their machines damage your vehicle, and that’s why they have signs posted everywhere assuming no responsibility for damages done to your vehicle! (did you think they were taking about dents, well that is what you are supposed to think, but they are removing their liability for destroying your cars clear coat finish)

Taking your vehicle to the automatic car wash results in damage to your paint and trim that only skilled car detailers, like those at Pro Tint Detailing in Orlando can correct. A professional car detailing shop like Pro Tint Automotive Detailing of Central Florida has the proper equipment to efficiently remove the swirl marks and replace the damaged clear coat with ceramic polish if necessary.  Bottom line, they can make your old tired car look new again, factory fresh again, and for less than a few payments on a new car.

Damage by Automated Car Wash to a Mercedes-Benz

See above image an example of damage done by the traditional automated car wash. Notice the fine swirls & spider-webbing in paint, followed by the appearance of paint chipping off.

Damages caused by automated car washes do not have to be permanent.

In almost all commercial car washes, dirty bristles full of accumulated toxins from other dirty cars spin at extremely high revolutions onto your paint’s clear coat, resulting in fine scratches in your paint. Then, dirty drying materials, incorrect drying methods, and damaging beach towels are used to ruin your finish and remove the wax coating in the process. Beach towels have polyester in them, which is the equivalent of using steel wool pads on your paint.

As far as that looks of paint bubbling up and peeling off, that is the clear coat, a condition that Pro Tint Detailing can fix in many cases, call today for an appointment.

Water Spots on Paint - Car Washes

Water Spots in Paint

You drive away from the car wash, only to have water fly out of crevices in the hood and bumpers, never having been dried by towels. Over time, this water dries into your paint, eventually leaving mineral deposits that can etch into your paint, causing permanent damage and removing portions of the clear coat and wax protection, allowing the sun’s damaging UV rays to get directly down to the paint itself. This condition, too, can be fixed by a professional detailer, time to call Pro Tint Orlando and make an appointment.

Deep Scratches in Paint from Bad Car Wash

Deep Scratches

Those dirty bristles can be carrying significant amounts of hardened dirt particles, which are large enough to leave deep scratches in your paint. The same dirty towels used to clean the wheels of the car before your car comes down the automated line is then used on your car’s paint to dry it. Then it goes to your wheels, and the cycle repeats. Stand back and watch them. The result of this is that the towels release large solid particles from the tires and wheels of the previous car that will leave deep scratches on the next car in line and so on. This is why your car looks old, its not finished, we can save it, we can make it look new again, call for an appointment today.

But what if I go to a Touchless Car Wash?

Doesn’t matter! The touchless car wash will damage your paint using other methods.

Highly Pressurized Water:  Such a stream of water can aggressively drive particles into your paint, causing fine scratches and literally ripping trim and car parts off the car.

Extremely Dangerous Chemicals: Dangerous, aggressive chemicals are sprayed onto your paint to break-down dirt to make it easier to come off when rinsed-down with pressurized water. These chemicals will strip away your wax protection, damage your chrome trim, and stain your rubber seals. I actually had a friend work in one of these touchless car wash establishments, and when he was refilling one of the chemical holders, he spilled it on his hands; he got 2nd degree BURNS on his hands and wrists. The chemicals that these touchless car washes use are extremely dangerous and will destroy any wax, polish or clear coat finish.

Drying Your Car with Dirty Towels: Careless workers will use dirty, cheap towels to dry your car, resulting in fine scratches and swirls, this is one of the largest factors in a greatly diminished appearance of your cars finish, especially on dark colored cars. Much the same as described above, using the same towel on your cars finish as they did on the previous cars wheels and tires.

Touchless Car Wash Dangers

All of the above can be Fixed at Pro Tint Detailing in Central Florida

The fact of the matter is, any high-volume car wash facility, even a hand wash location that is not professional detailing facilities designed to service and protect automotive finishes, can be an extreme threat to your vehicle. The major culprits are using damaging methods to wash/dry your vehicle and using DIRTY materials to wash/dry your vehicle.

When it comes to fundraisers, if you stop by a church or Rotary function car wash, donate $5 and do not let them wash your car. You will be a hero and your car will thank you! In order to ensure safety to your vehicle’s paint and especially its showroom shine, each vehicle should be cleaned and dried with new, clean towels and wash mitts. Ask yourself, and look around, what car wash does that?

Get in contact with Pro Tint Detailing before risking irreversible damage to your precious car.

Pro Tint Detailing always uses soft, ultra high-quality, clean materials to wash and dry your vehicle to prevent the damages that car washes can cause. If your vehicle has been exposed to the horrors of the car wash, don’t worry! Our skilled auto detailers at Pro Tint Detailing here in Central Florida are here to permanently remove the damages done by the typical car wash service.

It is our job to restore the appearance of your ride the way it looked when it came off the new car lot, or in many cases better! Get in contact with us today to schedule your appointment to get a proper car wash, a paint protection service, or a world-class ceramic paint polishing package for permanent swirl removal for the ultimate shine.

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