Dangers To Washing Your Own Car

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Dangers to Washing Your Own Car
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Yes, Washing Your Own Car is Dangerous to the Finish!

Here’s why.

When washing your own car, ask yourself:

Are you hand washing your own car by yourself? GREAT!! You’ve taken a big step in preserving the appearance of your new or used vehicle. But, like mentioned in other articles and blogs here in the Pro Tint Detailing website, it only takes a single incorrect step to ruin the appearance of your vehicle.

Correct Materials to Wash my Car
  1. Do you have the correct chemicals, tools, materials, and towels to safely wash your own car or vehicle?
  2. Are you sure that the soap you are using does not strip the wax?
  3. Are you using the correct number of buckets to ensure safe washing?
  4. Are you using the cleanest, softest, highest quality wash mitts possible?
  5. Are you using proper wash technique to ensure no dirt is being introduced to the paint surface?
  6. Do you have the softest brushes needed to reach behind the barrels of your expensive wheels?
  7. Are you safely removing bugs and tar from your vehicle without causing permanent damage to the paint and bumpers??
  8. Are you using a tire shine that doesn’t sling onto the paint and cause damage to the surface of the car?
  9. Do you understand the damages that beach towels and brillo pads can cause to your vehicle?

If any of these questions cannot be answered with confidence, you may be damaging the appearance of your paint unintentionally.

Porsche Detailing Central Florida Rims

Pro Tint Detailing of Central Florida understands the subtle differences in car wash technique that results in the safest methods possible. We are committed to ensuring your vehicle is spotlessly cleaned without introducing swirls or scratches into your paint, unlike typical automated car wash services. So why exactly has your vehicle been on a downward spiral in appearance, looking worse and worse, older and older as time goes on? Why cars diminish in appearance? The answer to this question is easy. They’re being washed incorrectly.

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