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Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Detailing

3M Scotchgard Pro Tint

What Products does Pro Tint Detailing of Central Florida use?

First and foremost, we are the award winning #1 dealer in the United State for 3M Automotive Film Products, so it goes without saying that we choose to use many of the fine products in the 3M Professional Detailing Line. Scotchgard, Clear Bra and Specialty products for scratch removal among others, add to our line of products that include whatever product is best for each make of car we service.  Different car conditions as well as the age of the vehicle can change what products we use.  However, we use only the best products from companies like 3M, Simoniz, Leatherique, CQuortz, and Meguiars.

How long does a Professional Detail take at Pro Tint Detailing? 

The simplest answer is it takes as long as it takes to make your car as close to new as we can get it, it is best not to rush us if you want a show car look.  Typically a Complete detail takes between 7-10 hours depending on vehicle size and condition.  Simple hand wash and wax can be in and out in 30 minutes, however, we do not set a time limit with how long a high end detail takes, simply because there are so many variables that go into detailing at a high level it is impossible to know.  This is why we give you a firm quote when we take the car in, if it takes us longer than we anticipated, that is our problem, we charge by the job not by the hour, Our aim is your satisfaction at a really fine job making your treasured vehicle look its best whether it is a family SUV or a Tesla getting ready for a car show, we take our time and do it right!  Pro Tint Detailing has no automated equipment, no automated high speed car wash or production line system. Each automobile is unique, and each gets the attention it deserves!

Full Detail by Pro Tint Detailing Orlando

How Often Should I get my Vehicle Detailed?

This question is entirely based upon the environmental conditions the car is in, as well as how often the car is used.  Daily drivers we recommend 2 Full Details per year with either exterior detail in between or a wash and seal to ensure a high level of protection throughout the entire year.  Cars that are driven less, we would recommend 1 Full detail per year and 1 additional exterior wash and seal. We offer a ceramic protection package that lasts for a full 2 years, guaranteed, and only requires minor maintenance.  In any case, you should consider monthly or bi-monthly visits for hand wash and interior vacuum and whip down.  You should never under any circumstances, go to an automated car wash or a group of kids washing cars, READ MORE HERE

What happens if the Weather is Poor on the day I scheduled my car for Detailing at Pro Tint Detailing?

No problem! Central Florida is noted for daily showers during most of the year, all of our work is done in our sheltered facilities.  Since we do most detailing outside, weather plays little role in our ability to work. However, no one wants to have to drive their vehicle in bad weather after just getting a detail, so if the weather is exceptionally bad, reschedules are usually allowed.

Does Pro Tint Detailing Schedule Detail Work on Weekends?

Yes. So long as it is not a holiday weekend, and providing there is an opening, these Saturday appointments are very popular so book early, and please keep these very sought after appointments if at all possible. Full details need to be spaced between two days very often as well, due to sunlight constraints, so if the job is started on a Saturday, it may not be able to be picked up until Monday. This would be for 2 year ceramic coatings, interior restoration work, or very complicated full show prep work.

What Forms of Payment does Pro Tint Detailing Accept?

All three major forms of payment – Credit Cards, Checks and Cash.

Credit Card Payments - Pro Tint Orlando

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