Top 10 Dangers to Car’s Finish & Shine

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The War Against Automotive Finishes and Dangers to Car Finish and Shine

Did you know that the top 10 dangers to car finish and shine attack your car, truck, or SUV and cars are at war with the environment surrounding it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year? Your vehicle is constantly under attack by the dangers to car finish and shine; rain, salt, snow, sun, contamination, dirt, brake dust, and – yes – car dealerships. Pro Tint Detailing of Central Florida is here to help you with all 10 dangers to your cars finish and more. We keep your car looking like it just came from the factory, or even better!  Call for an appointment today.

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Here are the top 10 killers of the appearance of your car, truck or SUV:

1. Rain – This can create permanent water spots on your paint as well as reduce visibility while driving. The spots are not from the “rain water” but from the contaminants dissolved within the rain drops or that dissolved within the rain drops when the land on the surface of the car.

Solution? Car Paint Polishing and Protection.

2. Sprinkler Water Over Spray – Same as above, but add that if the water is from a well for irrigation, it could contain rust, lime, potassium, sulfur or many other painted surface killers.

Solution?  Car Paint Polishing and Protection, along with regular rinse and wipe to remove any and all of the over spray.

3. Salt – When not protected, your paint’s clear coat can be damaged by salt’s corrosive properties.

Solution? Protect your paint with car wax or sealant.

4. Snow – Unsafely removing snow from your vehicle can result in swirls and scratches on your paint.

Solution? Paint Polishing to repair the damage.

5. Sun – The Sun’s damaging UV rays can fade your paint’s exterior color (to form oxidation), trim, interior plastics, cloth and leather seats.

Solution? Paint Polishing & Interior UV Protection, Scotchguard protection and Mink Oil

Atmospheric Contamination Car Detailing

6. Atmospheric Contamination – Invisible to the naked eyes, dirt particles from industrial fallout in the air will accumulate into your clear coat, eventually hiding the true color and beauty of your paint.

Solution? Clay bar treatment to your paint & windows.

7. Dirt – A dirty vehicle never looks its best. Dirt left unchecked and allowed to build up can cause long-term damage to your clear coat and paint.

Solution? Proper wash technique by a professional, and bi-weekly car washes at the minimum.

8. Brake Dust – Many high performance vehicles come equipped with brake pads that produce damaging, thick brake dust.

Solution? Professional Wheel and Tire Cleaning, as well as removing from paint properly so as not to cause greater damage.

9. Dealerships – Most dealerships do not know how to safely wash a vehicle to minimize scratching and swirls in your paint.

Solution? Don’t let the dealership touch your vehicle, let us safely wash your car.

10. Automated Car Wash – Despite all of these threats to your vehicle, cars are most threatened by a very popular business that you probably use. Learn more about every car’s worst nightmare The Automated Car Wash by clicking here.

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