Lamborghini Detailing


Lamborghini Detailing

The Ultimate Lamborghini Detailing Service in Central Florida


The finest Lamborghini detailing service in the Central Florida area can be found at Pro Tint Automotive Detailing. Our Lamborghini automobile detailers are determined to produce the best automobile detailing service that exceeds every expectation of how good your Lamborghini can look. We are truly passionate about ensuring every Lamborghini we service is detailed to the highest standards in the industry using the ultimate products and techniques for stunning, show car worthy results.

Our location in Orlando Florida provides a convenient location for Central Florida area Lamborghini Murcielago, Diablo, Gallardo, LP 640, LP 560-4, LP-670 SV, Avendator and Superleggera clients to drop off their vehicles by way of I4, 408 or the Florida Turnpike right on the big corner of Orange and Kaley near downtown Orlando.

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Why a Lamborghini Requires Passionate Care here in Central Florida

Supercars such as the Lamborghini are made of unique, exotic materials that can be damaged if treated with improper products:

Lamborghini Detailing by Pro Tint Detailing of Orlando

Lamborghini wheel cleaning, brake caliper, & brake rotor care & maintenance

Depending on the model, Lamborghinis can have magnesium or aluminum ultra light-weight wheels and/or carbon ceramic disk brakes. Using an aggressive wheel cleaner can result in damage that can cost thousands to repair. The famous solid Brembo brake calipers also require high-temperature resistant wax for long-lasting protection against the heavy caustic brake dust produced by the race-quality brake pads.

Lamborghini paintwork care & maintenance to prevent swirls for an incredible show car finish:

Lamborghini vehicles are painted by hand, not machine to achieve the stunning colors that Lamborghinis are famous for. With this in mind it is important to note that many models can easily be susceptible to swirl marks and fine scratches from improper car care. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing has the exotic car detailing experience demanded by hand-made Lamborghini paint jobs to permanently remove swirls and fine scratches that are preventing your Lamborghini from achieving a show-car look with the ultimate in reflectivity and clarity.


Lamborghini clear bra plastic paint protection film installation, repair & maintenance:

Low vehicles like the Lamborghini Murcielago, Diablo, Gallardo, LP 640, LP 560-4, LP-670 SV, Superleggera & Avendator are usually equipped with protective clear plastic films to reduce the occurrence of paint chips and scuffs from driving on the street. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing is knowledgeable in the techniques and processes used to remove discoloration, scuffs, and fine swirls of this sensitive material.

Pro Tint Automotive Detailing is uniquely qualified to deal with this 3M film product since its parent company Pro Tint Orlando won the coveted 3M Automotive Film Dealer of the Year for 2016, so they fully understand this product better than anyone.



Lamborghini interior cleaning & detailing for superior care:


Lamborghini interior detailing is all about ensuring all the high-quality leather, suede, carbon fiber, and aluminum components are cleaned, nurtured, and protected from harmful UV rays. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing uses the finest products to ensure these areas are treated as best as possible.