Commercial and Residential Security Window Film Solutions from 3M and Professional Instillation from Pro Tint Orlando Commercial

Q. Is Window Film applied to the inside or the outside of the vehicle?

A. Window film is cut to fit and formed to your vehicle on the outside of the vehicle. A thin protective liner is then removed and the window film is applied to the inside of your windows.

Q. Does every vehicle take the same amount of time to tint.

A. No. Every vehicle is different, some two door vehicles take more time than others. Even though we may tint two similar vehicles, one might take less time than the other. The normal time to tint a vehicle is between 2.0 to 2.5 hours, depending on the vehicle. Pro Tint takes exceptional pride in their workmanship.Our attention to detail is of utmost importance. Customer satisfaction is first priority.

Q. Can I wait on premises for my car to be tinted?

A. Yes! There is a waiting room where you can watch TV or catch the latest movie as well as use your computer (free wireless internet provided) or read a magazine or book or just plain relax on our comfortable couches!

Q. Can I drop my car off the night before?

A. A fully covered and secure enclosure is provided on site. Please call 407-459-1858.

Q. How dark can I tint my windows legally?

A. Pro Tint recommends following your state’s window tinting laws. We have a showroom that displays all the Llumar films and a tint visualizer. In Florida the legal limit is 28% VLT on the front two windows, 15% VLT on the rear windows and there is an AS1 Line marked on your windshield to show you how far down we can tint your windshield.

Q. Do you offer multi car discounts?

A. Yes! Pro Tint offers a 10% discount to anyone who brings in two or more vehicles in the same day. We encourage you to talk to friends how need tint to get multi car discount.

Q.How long until I can roll my windows down?

A. Pro Tint recommends keeping your windows closed for 3- 5 days. In colder weather, it may take longer for the windows to cure. Three to five days is usually an ample amount of time.

Q. My tint is bubbling and scratched can you fix it?

A. There is no way to properly fix window film other than replacing the damaged piece. We can remove and replace any damaged film on your vehicle.

Q. What can I use to clean my windows with once I have them tinted?

A. Once your windows are tinted you can clean them with any cleaning solution that does not contain ammonia. A soft cloth and a mild soapy water mixture works great! Pro Tint recommends a silicon based glass cleaner, It brings a wonderful streak free shine to the windows.

Q. Why do I see all these signs for $99 window tint jobs, why do you charge more?

A. There are a number of fly by night window tinting companies that open and close under different names in different locations. These people seem to use the $99 or less tint job to get a number of first time customers. The films are sub par and the installation second rate. How many cars have you seen with purple tint. That’s the $99 tint job. Pro Tint carries a full line of Llumar window films with lifetime guarantees and warranties.

Q. How long has Pro Tint been in business?

A. Pro Tint was established in 1989 as Pro Tint Window Tinting located in Orlando, Fl and Columbia, SC and has since grown and evolved into the company it is today.

Q. Are you mobile or do I have to bring my car to you?

A. Pro Tint does not provide mobile installation. Tinting in unprotected areas allows dirt to get between the glass and the window film causing bubbles and impurities in your film. A clean environment is paramount to professional film installation.

Q. What is computer cut window film?

A. Pro Tint does not computer cut window film. The patterns for the programs do not always fit correctly and often need to be recut for a professional installation.

Q. Do you cut the tint on my car?

No. All window film is measured using proprietary techniques and is trimmed on a clean glass surface to avoid any possible damage to your vehicle.

Q. Do I need to clean my car before I tint it?

A. It is always preferable to have a clean car to maintain your exterior but not necessary. We provide a touch free car wash (at no charge to you) upon completion of your tint installation with us and we also provide a full line of car detailing services.

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