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High Rise & Large Buildings Film Solutions by 3M & Pro Tint Commercial

Why 3M High Rise & Window Tint is the Best Solution for High Rise Condo Window Tint Applications

Solar glare, heat, and UV rays are a problem for any multi-windowed home, but the need for high rise & large building film for window tint applications are especially high. Not only is there less to block or filter sunlight in upper stories, such as trees and other homes, but the reflective sun glare from cars, windows, and surrounding surfaces increases sun glare even further. In addition to glare reduction, window tinting in high rise condos will also help to reduce energy consumption, increase your privacy, lower temperature, and enhance security.  The best news is, new laws allow condo owners to use high-quality window tinting film, like energy saving 3M products.

3M Window Films

Advantages of 3M Quality Film Products

Reduce the Glare

Residents of high rise & condos can experience more sun glare than those who live in homes or 2 story dwellings and need 3M specialized high rise & condo film. Single and 2 story buildings usually have surrounding buildings and trees, which help to break up or even entirely block penetrating sun glare, damaging UV rays and many of the heat rays. However, once a residence is elevated above three stories or more, the surrounding sun blocks begin to diminish. This leaves the residential or commercial units exposed to the full strength of the sun’s rays.

Sun glare is especially harsh for those with southern and western exposure. 3M tinted window film from Pro Tint is a positive solution that will benefit residents and the environment by filtering out damaging and heating rays while separating from natural light and allowing it in without the annoying glare. The best of the 3M grades of window film acts much like a great pair of sunglasses, your vision is still clear but the glare is gone!

Stop Creating the glare!

Speaking of glare, cheap or outdated window film may be the culprit. In some cases, surrounding residences and businesses are affected by the cumulative glare created by high rise condos. Tired of hearing the neighbors complain about the glare from mirrored high rise condo windows? High-quality 3M window films are metal free with no mirror effect.  The windows of a high rise condo fitted with 3M window film will stop the complaints immediately. Residents will benefit from privacy and energy savings, and the neighbors won’t need sunglasses inside their building anymore.

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