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About Pro Tint Ceramic Pro Detailing Service

At Pro Tint the best car detailing services are performed with great patience, clean tools, proper technique, quality products, and a dedication to perfection. To ensure we give the best car detailing services we use the best products. Ceramic Pro is the best paint protection product on the market, it is long lasting and will make your car shine for months to come.

Protect Your Vehicle

Car stays cleaner
Adds value to your vehicle

Car paint protection
Longer lasting than any car wax

Do you get your car detailed but feel like the shine wears off fast?

With ceramic pro - it lasts longer than any other car detailing service. It protects your vehicle from the harmful sun and keeps your car looking like new.

We offer ceramic protection that is guaranteed to last for a full 2 years and only requires minor maintenance. With ceramic protection, it will not only give your car a glossy shine, but it will also make those little-unexpected scratches less of a headache. The little surface scratches can be removed with a light polish.

In Florida the weather can change in an instant - protecting your vehicle from all types of climates is key. Ceramic Pro protects your vehicle from the harmful UV rays as well as harmful rain. Ceramic pro can also protect against improper washing or drying of your vehicle.


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