Range Rover & Land Rover Detailing


Range Rover & Land Rover Detailing

Range Rover Detailing by Enthusiasts in Florida

The Range Rover & Land Rover detailing at Pro Tint Detailing offers specialized detailing services for owners of Land Rover vehicles in the Central Florida area.

Based in Orlando Florida, Pro Tint Detailing provides a convenient location for Central Florida area Land Rover owners to drop off their vehicles for the ultimate car detailing service. Located near three major highways, I4, 408 and The Florida Turnpike in the big corner of Orange Ave and Kaley near Downtown Orlando. When you are ready for the finest auto detailing service for your Range Rover or other Land Rover models, please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment:


Why a Land Rover Requires Professional Care


The Land Rover Range Rover offers unique challenges that only a professional car detailer can address:


Land Rover Wheel Cleaning & Care:  

Despite being a large SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover can come equipped with aggressive wheel and brake packages that produce surprising amounts of brake dust, which can permanently damage the wheel finish if not removed within a timely manner. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing believes cleaning of this important area of a vehicle, along with durable wax packages specifically designed to protect wheels is a winning combination against the evils of aggressive brake pads.

Land Rover Paintwork Protection & Paint Correction For A Swirl Free Finish:

Being that these SUV’s are treated as daily drivers for many owners, the Land Rover needs to be protected from the elements with a durable paint protection package to ensure ease of maintenance and to resist paint deterioration.


Interior Detailing & Care for Exquisite Range Rover & Evoque Vehicles:

The Land Rover comes finished from the factory with some of the most beautiful materials available on any production automobile today. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing uses dedicated interior detailing products to treat these sensitive materials with care. From the fine leather hides to the burled walnut interiors, Pro Tint Automotive Detailing knows how to bring the best out of the Range Rover’s interior.

Land Rover Range Rover’s Bra Plastic Paint Protection Films:

Range Rover offers clear film paint protection packages that are designed to protect exposed areas from rock chip damage. Unfortunately the dealership usually will leave dirt and wax residue around these areas, and they are prone to yellowing and scuffing over time. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing has years of experience restoring this material, including removing of fine scratches and swirls, heavy tar build-up from a day at the track, and removal of discoloration from this area.

Pro Tint Automotive Detailing is uniquely qualified to deal with this 3M film product since its parent company Pro Tint Orlando won the coveted 3M Automotive Film Dealer of the Year for 2016, so they fully understand this product better than anyone.

Updating Window Tint, UV and Heat Protection with 3M Products

3M Automotive window tinting products using ceramic and other advanced materials are the proven #1 automotive window films in the world. 3M Corporation invented window tint and has the most advance product line for the exact legal tint that will make your car look its best.  Many of the 3M Product line give your windows the sun blocking protection comparable to a giant pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.  These films are not the least expensive, however with 3M products you get a lifetime guarantee not just from us but from any authorized 3M dealer in the United States, lifetime!!

There is an even better reason to get your windows professionally tinted and protected at Pro Tint Orlando, or parent company and in the same complex hear in Orlando Florida. 3M awarded Pro Tint Orlando the high honor of being chosen as the #1 automotive film dealer/installer in the entire United States for 2016, an award we proudly display in the lobby.  Our authorized product line even includes a new crystal clear film for the front window the reduces heat up to 90% and night time glare and starring almost 100% while having practically no effect on your ability to see the road at night.  All of these products are on full display for live demonstration in our Orlando Florida show room, come buy before you put something your may retreat on those expensive windows!