Mercedes Benz Detailing


Mercedes Benz Detailing

Mercedes Benz Detailing for Maximum Shine in the Florida Sun


The Mercedes Benz detailing at Pro Tint Automotive Detailing offers Mercedes Benz owners in the Central Florida areas the opportunity to take their luxury German vehicles to unheard of levels of shine, gloss and protection. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing knows that their exquisite attention to detail goes hand in hand with the Mercedes Benz Automobiles.

Offering our services from Orlando Florida, Pro Tint Automotive Detailing offers a convenient location for the Central Florida area clients to drop off their Mercedes Benz vehicles right near 3 major highways, I4, 408 and the Florida Turnpike right on the big corner of Orange and Kaley near Downtown Orlando.. When you are ready to get the ultimate luxury car detailing service for your fine Mercedes Benz vehicle, please contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment:



Why a Mercedes Benz Demands Special to the Detailing Process


Mercedes Benz vehicles are built with fine materials and performance parts that lead to greater care demands:

Wheel & Brake Caliper Cleaning & Care on a Mercedes Benz

As required by German law, Mercedes Benz vehicles need to be equipped with brake pads that contain graphite. This leads to very thick brake dust that can quickly discolor the many beautiful wheel options available on these luxury automobiles. High performance AMG models use even more aggressive brake pads, resulting in even more ugly brake dust.

Pro Tint Automotive Detailing uses an extreme level of detailing which ensures your wheels are thoroughly cleaned on the inside and out, and even behind the spokes to prevent brake dust from damaging your wheels. Our car detailers can even offer wheel-specific waxing packages to ease future wheel cleanings and to prevent brake dust from etching into the surface, saving expensive but common need for Mercedes Benz Custom Wheel replacement down the road.


Mercedes Benz Paintwork Cleaning & Detailing for the Best Shine Possible

Mercedes Benz was the first company in the automotive industry to offer ceramic clearcoats on their paint finishes. This innovation made the Mercedes Benz less prone to fine swirls and scratches. But, they still get swirls and fine scratches from improper wash techniques and other mistreatments, which require specific polishes and compounds to properly correct their paint. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing polishes Mercedes Benz vehicles daily, using specialized German polishes specifically designed for ceramic clearcoats. This ensures that a Mercedes Benz detailed for show level shine at Pro Tint Automotive Detailing will be polished with ultimate effectiveness and incredible results, probably better than it looked the day it left the dealership.


Mercedes Benz clear plastic paint protection films – installation, maintenance & care:

Automobile manufacturers are beginning to understand the significant benefits of clear plastic protection for painted surfaces, especially on low vehicles like the Mercedes. These uniquely sensitive materials demand gentle care. Pro Tint Detailing has years of knowledge working with this material to ensure they look their best. We can safely remove excess dirt and wax build-up around the edges, remove yellowing of the material, remove fine swirls in the plastic, and provide protection from the elements, and preserve the material saving you the extreme expense having it replaced for thousands of dollars at the dealerships.

If you do not have a clear bra protective bra from 3M, you are in luck, our parent company Pro Tint Orlando was awarded the #1 automotive film dealer in the United States by 3M Corporation for 2016, so we can install one professionally and guarantee it for the life of the car!

Have Your Mercedes Benz Interior Detailed To Look Like New, Not Greasy:

Mercedes Benz vehicles offer very luxurious materials for their occupants to enjoy. Pro Tint Automotive Detailing has the high quality detailing products to gently clean and protect these sensitive materials without leaving these surfaces greasy or smelling like bubble gum. Instead, the factory appearance is restored and is easier to maintain. Your Mercedes Benz will feel, look and smell like a Mercedes Benz should!