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Pro Tint Orlando #1 in Central FloridaIs there a Real Difference in the Automotive Tinting Film used at Pro Tint Orlando?

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How does the automotive window tinting process work, is there a difference in automotive tinting film and why is it best to use a professional like Pro Tint Orlando? Is there really a difference in the automotive tinting film product that is used for the tinting process itself?  At Pro Tint of Orlando, we want you to fully understand the process and the facts, then you decide.  If you agree, we have the answer, and it is worth the trouble and extra expense we go through to make you car the best it can be for years to come, we will be happy to show you more in person any time with no obligation at our location here in Orlando, just come by or give us a call CLICK HERE for contact info.

Pro Tint Orlando explains automotive window tint and the 3M difference


What is the Different about 3M Automotive Tinting Film?

To start with, most good quality automotive tinting film is a polyester film that, in all its forms, can range in thickness from 2 to 7 millimeters thick. An adhesive, not always of the same quality, is activated by moisture and pressure is applied to one surface. This process seems simple, but it, like any craft takes time and training to get best results, and takes the best materials to for the perfect job in the end.  The moistened material is then bonded to the outside of the exposed surface of the inside of the automobile window (always on the inside of the car), there is a scratch resistant coating on the outside of really good quality automotive tinting film, lesser quality film will scratch at the slightest rub.

Pro Tint Orlando explains automotive window tint and the 3M difference


In between the adhesive and the hard coat is where the differences in automotive tinting film can be determined. 3M, the world’s leader in plastic products for over 70 years, made a serious commitment to own the high end of automotive window tinting market.  You will not find 3M product in do it yourself kits at low end discount shops, or in these street-side shops, it takes training and investment to be a certified part of the 3M family.  We believe the time and money we invested as a company to make 3M products a part of your car, is a worthwhile investment for both us and our customers, for it helps us protect the investment in your car and your families health and safety, and never fails to support our reputation as the top automotive window tinting firm in Central Florida for decades.

Pro Tint Orlando #1 since 1991 explains why they use only 3M automotive window tinting products

Less expensive automotive tinting film is dyed various shades to absorb heat and block harmful rays from sunlight. This is the simplest technique used in the less expensive window films. More dye means darker windows, but not more protection. The darker the windows, the more heat and light are absorbed, but like the difference in dollar store sunglasses and Rayban high quality sunglasses, you get what you pay for.  If you want to see a live demonstration CLICK HERE, we will show you proof of the difference right in our facility, you will be amazed!

Pro Tint Orlando explains auto window tinting

To absorb more heat without making the windows darker, some products simply add a layer of metalized film to their automotive tinting film. The reflective metals provide a slight mirrored appearance without making the tint too dark.  In some areas this “mirror” effect is against local laws and can land you with a fine or an order to remove the tint on the spot!  Additional bonded layers and complicated technology make these automotive tinting films more expensive and still not as effective as methods developed by 3M Products.  3M automotive tinting films have consistently been awarded best in the world status for heat reduction, ease of view and anti-fade technology.

Pro Tint Orlando explains why 3M Automotive Window Tint Products are the best and only products they deal with

3M Automotive Tinting Films from, Pro Tint Orlando is quite simply the Best product on the market today LINK TO PRODUCT INFO  Call or come by today, we are eager to show you the difference, discover why we are the largest and most respected Automotive Window Tinting Firm in Central Florida and why we chose 3M Automotive Tinting Film products as our exclusive line.  Pro Tint Orlando, tops in Orlando since 1991!



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