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Important Details About Your Installation of 3M Window Films

As with all products containing an adhesive system, a drying time for 3M Window Film is necessary to the achievement of the proper bond to the window. During this process, some changes may be observed. In order to understand these differences, Pro Tint Commercial would like to note some of these cautions. These conditions are normal and should be expected to occur. Listed below are the points that will be covered by our sales representative:

  • Complete drying time for window film will be approximately 30 days. Please do not wash windows during this period.
  • Any haziness that may be seen is water under the film. You will see less and less of this as the days pass
  • A milky appearance might be experienced, but it too disappears during the drying period
  • All water bubbles will dry out, but a few small particles or points may be apparent when dry. These points, generally seen from the outside, are very tiny and are inherent in the use of a pressure sensitive adhesive system. An adhesive of this type is used because it is the only one that will withstand high humidity, driving rains and window condensation. You will normally see these particles only if you get quite close to the glass, which is something we ordinarily do not do. They will not affect the films performance. The 1/8″ (3 mm) border you notice is a requirement of the application according to 3M. •Cleaning of window film should be done using normal household window cleaners* or any non-abrasive window cleaning solution and wiping with a soft towel or squeegee. Paper towels or natural sponges should not be used.

Window film is virtually maintenance-free Cleaning is easy. After thirty days, you may clean 3M Window films using normal household cleaning solutions, including ammonia based products, e.g. Windex, and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. In most cases, a soft-clean cloth and soapy water are all you need to keep your windows sparkling clean.

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You may also use a squeegee to clean the film. Abrasive products, which could scratch or damage the film, should not be used.

Commercial and Residential Security Window Film Solutions from 3M and Professional Instillation from Pro Tint Orlando Commercial

How to care for your windows:

  1. Care must taken not to scratch the window film, do not use bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning materials.
  2. Household window cleaning solutions are fine. We highly recommend a product called SprayWay
  3. A soft cloth or clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing. Do not use the same towel or sponge for wiping sills or frames. Paper towels or newspapers are not recommended.
  4. A soft squeegee is recommended for removal of cleaning solution from the film.
  5. Do not apply heavy pressure in any cleaning operation.
  6. Tips:
    1. Additional caution is recommended when cleaning spliced areas. Clean in the direction of the splice.
    2. Do not leave the film wet.
    3. Make sure you use a different sponge, cleaning cloth and water bucket for cleaning the outside and the inside of the windows.
    4. Use a little more soap for cleaning 3M window film—it gives more ease to squeegeeing.

Note: Sometimes a customer feels he sees a defect in the film when it is, in fact in the glass. It is quite natural that one should look closely at a new purchase, but at times we observe things that were always there but never noticed. A good rule to follow is to look at the installation from six feet away. This is the manner in which we normally look through a window and the way in which you should observe your 3M window film—looking through it, not at it.

Commercial and Residential Security Window Film Solutions from 3M wondow film and Professional Instillation from Pro Tint Orlando Commercial


Dollar for dollar 3M Window Film is the number one way to save on energy and it does so much more:

1) Makes your home more comfortable by reducing or eliminating temperature imbalances.

2) Seriously reduces fading on you shutters, blinds, carpets, wood floors, carpets, furniture, family portraits. Basically protects your most important investment, Your Home!!!

3) Daytime privacy and with some films a diminished view in at night depending on your interior lighting.

4) Reduced glare, allowing you to see your TV better even with your window treatments open.

5) Added safety from flying glass in the case of impact from storms, balls, etc.

6) 3M Window Film reduces the radiant heat, not just the heat from the direct sun; so when the sun is on the west, it is still working on the north, south and east.